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The Listings Below

show some of the most popular platforms that we receive inquiries for. The most compatible OCC tank is shown for each. It is not necessarily the only option, it is just the most common choice.

Audi Various S3-OCC with 3/4" fittings. LINK
Chevrolet LS1-LS6 S1-LS1-DC3 Dual with 3/8" fittings. LINK
Chevrolet LFX V6 S1-OCC with 3/8" fittings. LINK
Honda S2000 OEM S0-S2K-C for OEM Battery & Airbox setups LINK
Honda S2000 PRO S1-S2K-DC3-HF for Aftermarket intake setups ASK
Hyundai Genesis 2.0T S1-GEN-2.0 Dual OCC with adapter '11-'14 LINK
Hyundai Genesis 3.8 S1-SPLIT-DC3 with custom fitting sizes Ask
Hyundai Sonata S1-KIA-PCV OCC with mounting bracket, '11-'14 LINK
Hyundai Veloster S1-OCC with 3/8" Inlet & 1/2" Outlet. LINK
Infiniti G35 '03-'06 S1-350Z-S OCC with adapter bracket. LINK
Kia Optima S1-KIA-PCV OCC with adapter bracket, '11-'15 LINK
Lotus Exige (S2) S1-EXIGE-DC3 Dual OCC with install kit Ask
Mini Cooper R56, R55, N14* S1-MINI-2G-D Dual OCC with 3/4" fittings (*turbo) Ask
Mini Cooper N14, N18 S1-OCC with 3/4" fittings LINK
Mitsubishi EVO 8 & 9 S1-SPLIT-DC3 or S1-DC3 with 3/8" fittings. LINK
Nissan 350Z S1-350Z-S OCC with adapter bracket, FULL KIT. ASK
Nissan Juke S1-JK-PCV OCC with install kit Ask
Nissan Titan S1-OCC with 3/8" fittings and custom rotation. LINK
Peugeot 207 GTi S1-DC3 Or SPLIT-DC3 with 3/4" OD fittings Ask
Porsche 944, 951 S3-OCC with 3/4" fittings. LINK
Scion FRS S1-FRS/BRZ-D Dual OCC with brace tube mounts. Ask
Skoda Octavia S3-OCC with 3/4" OD fittings. LINK
Subaru BRZ S1-FRS/BRZ-D Dual OCC with brace tube mounts. Ask
Subaru WRX '02-'07 S1-WRX-0207 Dual OCC with Strut Tower bracket LINK
Toyota 1jz/2jz S3-STKD-OCC custom Dual Inlet configuration. Ask
Toyota Tacoma S1-OCC with 3/8" fittings. LINK
VW 1.8T S3-OCC with 3/4" OD fittings LINK
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All our products are simple filters and are not intended to modify the PCV system, this does not mean that local authorities will understand this. You are responsible for upholding local statues and keeping your vehicle legal. This product may be considered for "Offroad Use Only", please check your local statutes.

Working on any vehicle may be hazardous and result in injury. These products must be installed by a qualified technician. You must be qualified or seek the help of a professional mechanic. If you are not sure about how to connect this filter, have a professional mechanic perform the installation. Keep all hoses away from hot surfaces, if you are not sure of the routing, have a professional mechanic perform the installation. You are responsible for the safe and proper installation of this filter product.