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Latest Saikou Michi News - 2017


New OCC Designs In Process And Launching Soon!




2016 has had new products launched, and old products were getting updates. 2017 is continuing with new designs. Some accessories got some updated touches, but so far they have been doing really well as is. Drain Extensions have been super popular! The 1/4 Turn Valve also has had an amazing response! A new S2000 is launching soon for sure! Stay tuned!


Some sad news however, we lost an important part of our company. A person that helped with many of the support details which make life easier. There will be a few speed bumps along the way this year, and we appreciate your patience while we learn how to do so many things while being shorthanded. Thanks in advance.


We are pushing to get the backlog down, this year is getting busy already. January got an early start with tons of new customers.
Thanks again to everybody for supporting our custom products! We'll do our best to keep things moving along!
As always, if you have concerns regarding your order, send us an e-mail, we always do the best we can to help with your schedule. We do try to prioritize by the Queue number.


Current Lead Time Notes Updated 2017

LEAD TIME REPORT calculates shop backlog at 3-4 weeks average. Some jobs will take less, some will take more depending on the quantity and how custom the design is. Group Buys will have an effect and we'll try and calculate the shop load the best we can!

Website Update In Progress

Keep checking for new pages. Hit refresh when you visit, some pages are getting updates all the time. Most recent updates:
New vent to atmosphere systems expected to be in limited release starting in June. Expect full release in the early half of 2017.


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All our products are simple filters and are not intended to modify the PCV system, this does not mean that local authorities will understand this. You are responsible for upholding local statues and keeping your vehicle legal. This product may be considered for "Offroad Use Only", please check your local statutes.

Working on any vehicle may be hazardous and result in injury. These products must be installed by a qualified technician. You must be qualified or seek the help of a professional mechanic. If you are not sure about how to connect this filter, have a professional mechanic perform the installation. Keep all hoses away from hot surfaces, if you are not sure of the routing, have a professional mechanic perform the installation. You are responsible for the safe and proper installation of this filter product.