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Custom Saikou Tank

Ordering Is Easy!

The quickest way is to just E-mail us, and we can walk you through it. It begins with discussing your particular needs, and once that is determined, we can handle all the ordering details for you. Of course we can also provide the information needed and you can proceed with an order at your own pace.

If You Want To Explore All The Options

on your own, please check out the whole website. You may know exactly which model you are interested in, but other unrelated pages may help with some ideas. Standard OCC product pages should have a Configuration Guide PDF to help with custom rotations if needed. The Mod Page will help with ideas for custom requests. The Vehicles List may have a listing for your particular make and model.

Once You Have Picked Out What You Need

go ahead and send us an E-mail. There are no automated shopping carts because they just can't handle all the custom details that are available. Things like this need a more personal touch.

The Final Step is the hardest part.

The last step is to wait for your queue position to hit the production floor and get built. We apologize in advance because we know many or most generic products are on the shelf waiting to be picked and packed for shipping.
We will always do out best to ship as timely as possible, but a true handcrafted part is difficult to rush.

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Saikou Logo Strip

All our products are simple filters and are not intended to modify the PCV system, this does not mean that local authorities will understand this. You are responsible for upholding local statues and keeping your vehicle legal. This product may be considered for "Offroad Use Only", please check your local statutes.

Working on any vehicle may be hazardous and result in injury. These products must be installed by a qualified technician. You must be qualified or seek the help of a professional mechanic. If you are not sure about how to connect this filter, have a professional mechanic perform the installation. Keep all hoses away from hot surfaces, if you are not sure of the routing, have a professional mechanic perform the installation. You are responsible for the safe and proper installation of this filter product.