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Q: I Sent An E-mail But No Reply Yet?

A: We try to answer as soon as possible, but every year we receive more and more E-mail messages. During the busiest times, it can take a few days to get back. February thru November sees the heaviest amount of email traffic. During the Winter season, October through early January, we are able to answer within a few hours, or sometimes the next day. The last week or last two weeks of January starts to see an increase in e-mail inquiries.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you do not receive any reply, which is rare, send an email with an ALTERNATE email address. We sometimes get an "Email Undeliverable" message. Or our email is blocked by a particular email provider. We will reply to all inquiries under most normal circumstances. Try a direct Facebook Message if you think emails are being blocked.

We apologize if you experience a big delay in receiving a reply, please do not consider it a brush off.
*If your email is older than a week and there is no reply, there may have been glitch, so we apologize, and feel free to try again.

Q: Are Your OCC Tanks Baffled?

Yes, absolutely, that is one of the most important design details of the SMC product line. You can read more details in the BAFFLES page.

Q: Do Your Tanks Include Hoses & Brackets?

Most of our OCCs include a Universal mounting clip or platform specific adapter bracket depending on the model.
Hoses are not included by default, but we do carry most popular sizes. We can put together a hose kit depending on the mounting distance you want from the connections on the engine.

Q: How Long Does It Take To Ship A New Order?

A: The wait time will vary during the year. March through September is generally peak season, and the backlog may continue through the Fall. That is when orders take the longest. We have a Jobs Report that calculates the current workload, so feel free to ask what the current report estimates for new orders.

Q: My Tracking Is Not Working?

A: Tracking does not usually work immediately, this normal. Especially with international orders, the tracking may experience a delay. Sometimes international tracking may skip entire steps. Typically it is a matter of a few hours, but can be a day or so to kick in depending when we can do the drop off.
Also, with domestic packages, when it is really busy, the label may be created when the part is ready and then wait for packaging due to a bottleneck in the shipping department.

Q: Do You Ship Internationally?

A: Yes, we have experience shipping to many international destinations. We use the United States Postal service. It is the simplest and most economical method. We do avoid the commercial carriers because their online shipping is very complicated, and the rates are very expensive for international packages.
For obvious reasons (ie: backlog) we do not do overnight shipping, or Global Express Guaranteed (GXG) postage.

Q: How Can I Get A Refund?

If you need to request a refund due to the time schedule or any other reason, no worries! But it is very important to contact us first. Send us a quick e-mail letting us know the issue. Paypal protects your purchase, but we handle refunds and issues directly.
The refund will be taken care of as soon as possible as long as the item hasn't shipped already.

Q: Can I Become A Dealer?

A: We do have some commercial partners. Our business model is not a perfect fit for everyone, but if you are interested, simply send us an e-mail for further information.

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All our products are simple filters and are not intended to modify the PCV system, this does not mean that local authorities will understand this. You are responsible for upholding local statues and keeping your vehicle legal. This product may be considered for "Offroad Use Only", please check your local statutes.

Working on any vehicle may be hazardous and result in injury. These products must be installed by a qualified technician. You must be qualified or seek the help of a professional mechanic. If you are not sure about how to connect this filter, have a professional mechanic perform the installation. Keep all hoses away from hot surfaces, if you are not sure of the routing, have a professional mechanic perform the installation. You are responsible for the safe and proper installation of this filter product.