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The Saikou Michi Co.

Builds quality catch tank systems and that's it. We're a tiny company with a tiny staff focusing on one thing versus being a huge company focusing on many things. Our business model is quite different than most aftermarket auto parts suppliers. You might say we take an 'artisanal' approach to fabrication.
You will notice that orders are handled differently. We communicate with more e-mails, we ask for more information.
There are no high pressure sales with us. We offer recommendations, and most of the time we go with what you decide is best for your situation.
Our orders do take longer to fill, but we try to disclose that several times. We normally require more time because these tanks are not mass produced products.


"Thanks! I feel like I have to say, I've been building this car for over a year now and you have been the most professional vendor thus far, thank you for that."
-Craig S., USA


We don't advertise.

You probably heard about us from a friend or from a fellow forum member posting about their experience with us. SMC success depends on good word of mouth. To this date, we have done little to no advertising, and this shows that our work speaks for itself.
We don't have any individuals working for us posting on internet forums. Our satisfied customers post their reviews online because they want to, and that is our only marketing strategy. To provide quality service, and deliver a quality product.


"Hi there, just a quick thank you email. The catch can arrived a few days ago and it looks fantastic. Thank you again, the wait was worth it."
-Steve M., New Zealand


"Hey guys,
Just wanted to say thanks, everything arrived in one piece and very happy with the product, definitely worth the wait... Have already recommended one other person to get one, and he is happy with his too. A few other people like it too. Cheers guys."
-Patrick R., Australia


We Focus On Function

From the beginning the idea was to create a catch tank that worked. Focus is on functionality and not so much aesthetics. We do try to build an attractive product but the focus is on function not bling. Our fabrication methods are "old school". The parts are measured and cut by hand, formed, and deburred one by one. Each assembly is the result of handcrafted work performed by a skilled fabricator, not a machine.

Our Process Is Slower

We want to make sure we disclose that because of the fabrication methods we use, it does take longer to fill orders. We do not normally have stock on hand because each order can have a unique detail or request. This is one thing that makes Saikou Michi Co. unique. It results in higher customer satisfaction since each customer may have a unique engine setup. Please feel free to inquire how busy the schedule is or check out the Lead Time estimate on the News Page


"Hi, I received my OCC this morning and I must say It looks like a masterpiece of fabrication (those welds), I am not disappointed in the slightest about having to wait longer for such beautiful attention to detail which is often overlooked by mass production brands. I can not be happier with my purchase so far (especially with the quarter turn valves, they look great!!) Now I just need to try it out :D"
-Damien R., Australia


We Are Located In Tucson, Arizona, USA

We work with customers from all over the world, and we appreciate everyone that has given us the opportunity to show off our work! We support local suppliers and manufacturers. We buy materials from established suppliers in the USA.
Thank you for visiting our website, and thanks in advance for the opportunity to serve you!
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Saikou Logo Strip

All our products are simple filters and are not intended to modify the PCV system, this does not mean that local authorities will understand this. You are responsible for upholding local statues and keeping your vehicle legal. This product may be considered for "Offroad Use Only", please check your local statutes.

Working on any vehicle may be hazardous and result in injury. These products must be installed by a qualified technician. You must be qualified or seek the help of a professional mechanic. If you are not sure about how to connect this filter, have a professional mechanic perform the installation. Keep all hoses away from hot surfaces, if you are not sure of the routing, have a professional mechanic perform the installation. You are responsible for the safe and proper installation of this filter product.